Austrian teacher trainees at the University of East Anglia

Currently I am on a study trip in Norwich (UK) together with a group of aspiring elementary school teacher trainees ¬†who I am happy to be teaching in the facilities of the University of East Anglia together with my colleague. Apart from the very warm welcome, the people of the INTO UEA program have prepared a highly stimulating schedule for our students that will complement their professionalization in the teaching field focusing on various methodological strands such as individual language improvement, storytelling in the FL classroom, CLIL, drama pedagogy, words & music, PE, and even mathematics. Our students will be given the unique opportunity of trying out various techniques and methods in local primary schools, teaching elementary German to English children as guest teachers. This way our students will be capable of broadening their perspective as to what teaching a foreign language in the primary classroom entails, especially with regard to their learners’ behavior in such an educational setting. Insights gained from this experience are of inestimable value for aspiring language teachers and I can only recommend this offer to younger teacher trainees at our institution.