ELAPSE partner meeting in Santiago de Compostela

CAFI – The venue of our transnational partner meeting

Our second transnational partner meeting in the course of the ELAPSE project took place in Santiago de Compostela at the Centro Autonómico de Formación e Innovación (CAFI). We had some important discussions on the nature of CLIL, on its potential as well as on its limitations and shortcomings. The process yielded particularly constructive insights regarding different perceptions of the 4Cs framework which is frequently used to plan CLIL lessons. In particular, the notion of culture in the context of CLIL as well as its integration into practical activities turned out to be a moot point in our discussions. Laura Pons Seguí kindly enlightened us with valuable insights from her extensive work on CLIL in this regard suggesting a broader and also more palpable conception of culture which also includes aspects of community and citizenship. In this meeting we furthermore continued our work on the specific contents of the online course (Intellectual Output 1).

I’m already looking forward to our next meeting in London!